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We support you in protecting your company against threats in the digital environment and warding off cyber risks.

commehr Cybersecurity Awareness Workshop

Every digital activity requires digital security. A lack of security means a loss of control – because your data is no longer yours if an attacker gains access to it. Our workshop will help you position yourself against the risks of today’s digital environment.

Your learnings from the Cybersecurity Awareness Workshop:

Who is the commehr Cybersecurity Awareness Workshop aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at end users and companies alike.

If you want to be digitally more secure as an end user, we will show you what steps you can take immediately. You are a company and want to increase the individual IT security awareness of your employees in their daily work? Then you will also receive the appropriate tools from us; the same applies if you want to improve the general background knowledge of viruses, Trojans, phishing and social engineering of your employees.

All workshop participants learn what is important, what measures they can take immediately and how they can protect themselves in the long term.

Our happy customers

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