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Strategic IT asset management made easy: Your organization benefits from visibility and control over all hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycle.

IT-Asset Management (ITAM) vs. Client Management

Asset Management

Client Management

What is IT asset management for?

IT asset management centrally manages and monitors all IT assets on a network throughout their lifecycle. Your company maintains an overview of the entire digital inventory and can thus use assets more effectively. For example, unnecessary asset purchases are avoided by reusing existing resources.
The IT asset management process at a glance

Central overview of all assets and software and hardware details

We modernize your IT processes with central asset management

In a free consultation, you can learn even more about how your company can implement centralized IT asset management and the benefits it can bring.

Also compatible with Mac

Your company is interested in a customizable solution with Jamf or Intune, tailored to your needs and the company? No problem! We’ll be happy to advise you.


Different devices, different technologies and manufacturers often make the administration of workstations complex and confusing. Managed Client can help make maintenance, support and processes more efficient and save resources.

What is Client Management?

Managed Client is a central solution for the administration of PC workstations, which in many companies consist of a wide variety of devices and technologies from different manufacturers. A unified client environment and the associated automation of many processes result in enormous advantages from which your company can also benefit. The goal of Managed Client is to ensure the functionality and security of the workstations in your company. And we help you do it!

Asset vs. Client Management

Find out which additional areas Client Management covers. In our overview you can see where our services differ.

These are the advantages of Managed Client

Resource Savings

The centralized solution significantly reduces administrative effort by reducing complexity and increasing productivity. Repetitive tasks are automated and mapped uniformly.


Uniform software images make it possible to set up new workstations in the shortest possible time based on predefined requirements.

Increased productivity

IT problems often lead to productivity losses. A unified environment enables faster response to challenges.

Safety through topicality

With Managed Client, software updates are carried out completely automatically. This not only reduces the effort, but also keeps everything up to date and therefore secure.

Asset Management and Client Management

Asset Management and Managed Client in Comparison


Only the standard software package defined by commehr for client management can be rolled out with this. For more specific software requirements, other solutions (Intune/JAMF) are available. Our sales consultants will be happy to advise you on this.

No. It can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Yes, asset management is part of client management.

Only Windows is compatible with Client Management.

IT Asset Management (IT inventory management) centrally manages and monitors all IT assets (notebooks) present in a network.

Client Management is an entry-level solution that performs tasks such as compliance checks, scheduling and installing software and operating system updates. It proactively sends error messages to the internal administrator and runs scripts to automate tasks such as empty recycle bin, push install, and remove temp files. In addition, Client Management includes all the functions listed under Asset Management.

  • Your organization keeps track of your entire IT ecosystem
  • Easily audit and comply with licenses and subscriptions for optimal resource utilization
  • Compliance policies can be easily implemented through centralized management of all assets
  • Asset management makes operations, support and maintenance much more efficient
  • Cost reduction through detailed reporting and identification of potential savings
  • Fewer potential security gaps by avoiding redundancies
  • Detection of defective devices and actual need for new hardware

With Managed Client, you have a standardized entry solution that provides you and your workforce with set-up devices that users can work on from the start. In addition, client management ensures that the device is always compliant, secure, up to date and efficient with the help of the many automation options. Managed Client thus enables your workstations to run smoothly without the need to invest in an entire IT department. Or you can perform the same tasks with only a fraction of the resources normally required.

Yes, internal admins and controllers on the client side can be predefined.

NinjaRMM is the licensed software used for asset and client management.

Scripts enable the automation of various tasks, such as emptying the recycle bin, removing temp files and push installations.

Yes, the individual devices and the respective users can be shown in detail on the report.

The rollout can happen via GPO or via USB stick, for example.

Locking a client is currently only possible via script and must be agreed separately. Deleting a client remotely is currently not possible.

The service can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

The uninstallation of e.g.: Bitdefender and Ninja can be blocked. Reports for software installation/uninstallation messages can be created or sent to the admin by email.

Yes, an upgrade to Managed Client is possible.

The existing equipment can also be equipped with our asset management solution.

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