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Telephony solutions

commehr offers you and your company different telephony solutions for different needs.

We know that every company has different needs and requirements. This is why we offer two different telephony solutions. We collaborate with different partners: for modern IP telephony with SIP trunk, we rely on NFON. We operate as a provider and take care of the network-side processing and support you with the integration of a compatible VoIP telephone system. The telephony solution from the cloud comes from the Microsoft cosmos. If you already use Microsoft Teams, this telephony function is the perfect addition. We support you in the implementation and realisation.

The two solutions at a glance

commehr voice

We prepare your existing telephone numbers or a new number block for the requirements of today’s telephone systems. commehr supports the switch to modern IP telephony. commehr Voice is a SIP trunk that can be used for NFON telephone systems.

Teams Telephony

You’re already using Microsoft Teams? Perfect, then add the telephony function and use everything from one tool. With the telephony function of Microsoft Teams, expensive investments in hardware are no longer necessary.

You are unsure which telephony solution fits your company’s needs? No problem – we’re happy to support you!

Your company's benefits

With us, you will receive adetailed consultation from one of our experts and an individual offer.

All from a single source: From consulting to implementation, we will be at your side and develop sustainable solutions.

We are official Microsoft Partner

As a long-term Microsoft Partner, commehr offers you comprehensive advice on the topic of Teams telephony and all other topics related to the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions

With the extension from Microsoft Teams, all relevant call functions are covered that are needed for a company: calling and being called, as well as features such as hold or forwarding. For the administration of the call solutions, professional reporting functions are available.

You need the additional telephone system licence and a calling plan or a Microsoft certified SIP trunk.

No, the extension of the telephony function can be used worldwide.

Yes, that is no problem. The existing number can be transferred (so-called porting).

No additional hardware is required, as telephony takes place from within Teams.
If required, a telephone system can be connected, of course. If you need advice on this, we are happy to help.

A major advantage of cloud telephony via Microsoft Teams is its flexibility. You can simply download the Microsoft Teams app and work with your smartphone from anywhere.

Of course you can! You can hold online meetings within your company as well as dial-in conferences.

Is your company interested in a telephony solution?
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