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Private Cloud

The enterprise cloud for more security and control

Complete flexibility, scalability, and efficiency with a customised approach to the company's needs.

The private cloud is an infrastructure that is available exclusively to one's own company. It can also be called corporate cloud or company cloud. It is either located directly in the company on the company's own computers or hosted in a provider's data centre. Companies that are subject to strict regulations regarding data security and data processing can benefit from the high level of control and security of the private cloud. In addition, it offers user-dependent billing and has great potential in terms of cost savings due to its special IT infrastructure. A significant advantage of the private cloud is the increased level of security and control over one's own data. At the same time, it offers the same flexibility, scalability, and efficiency as the public cloud. Since it only has to meet the requirements of your own company and is not subject to the restrictions of the public cloud, it offers full flexibility. Adapted to the requirements for capacity of computer, storage, and network, the applications can be customised to the company-specific needs.

Benefits of the Private Cloud


Computer, memory, and network capacity can be adapted to individual needs


Scalability and productivity are just as high as in the public cloud


Exclusive use of the private cloud ensures higher data security

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