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Identify risks at an early stage with a professional system and weak point analysis.

For us, information security consists of two core components: organisational regulations and processes as well as technical solutions.

We are experts in IT security and offer our customers comprehensive advice on all aspects of security. These services include external system and vulnerability analyses. This includes checking all applications and system components of a network or software system for their security. This analysis can be carried out in a few hours or in consulting projects lasting several weeks, depending on the size of the company and the depth of the analysis.

The resulting recommendations for action ensure the elimination of the identified weaknesses. Many of these recommendations are process optimisations, which at the same time lead to a more efficient way of working. Of course, security gaps can also often be closed by technical solutions.

The security solutions we implement include firewall systems, remote dial-in solutions, encryption and archiving solutions, etc.
The implementation of IT security projects provides support for your internal IT and offers additional security to the management. For data protection analyses, we work closely with ISiCO Datenschutz GmbH.

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