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Staff Onboarding

Smooth and simple onboarding of new employees

We make sure that your new employees can start their new job under the best conditions.

Efficient onboarding takes time and costs money. In addition, the success of the onboarding process is directly related to the long-term retention of the new team member in the company. Employees who are integrated into the company and team in a structured way are more productive, more happy, and more loyal to their employer. commehr's centrally managed onboarding offers numerous advantages. Besides the efficient, fast, and smooth introduction of new employees to the technical aspects of their new workplace, there are also attractive advantages on the company side. Valuable resources are saved, while the onboarding process can be carried out in a uniform, structured, and centrally managed way.
Ideally, the new team member starts with a fully equipped PC that is adapted to the future user and his/her tasks. However, the reality is that new employees often have to take care of the installation of user-specific applications and the setup of necessary software themselves.
With the commehr Staff Onboarding, this scenario is a thing of the past. Centrally managed, all accesses, applications, and software are provided and nothing stands in the way of a perfect start to the new challenge.

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