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IT Consulting

Comprehensive expertise and many years of experience for the success of your IT project

Our most experienced employees carry out consulting projects for both existing customers and third parties.

These consulting projects usually have one (or more) of four objectives. The analysis of the IT systems as an external evaluation for the internal IT or the management can be the primary goal. Another objective can be the conception of the IT landscape or special sub-aspects (e.g. WLAN, site networking, migrations, etc.). Process optimisation for smooth and efficient business processes (e.g. introduction of electronic workflows, business intelligence, service management, etc.) can also be a goal of IT consulting. The fourth and last objective is the security analysis and conception to detect weaknesses and to increase the security level.

Thanks to our extensive experience with heterogeneous IT landscapes and companies from a wide range of industries, we can present best practices and evaluate and plan a wide range of organisational and technical solutions.

Consulting for existing customers

At the beginning of every customer relationship, we conduct a brief initial assessment. As part of this system analysis, we document the status quo of your IT. This documentation forms the basis for further planning and cooperation. Any misconfigurations and potential for improvements are documented as recommendations for action, and discussed in our first strategy meeting. As a maintenance customer, you will meet your contact person on a regular basis for such decision-making meetings. At these meetings, we review the previous period and plan the next steps for the further development of your IT. Of course, we also carry out individual consulting projects on special topics for our existing customers.

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