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Fast but awesome

We enable rapid growth for our customers. We react quickly and deliver "awesome shit".

there is room for improvement

For us, the status quo is just the start. We don't want good solutions, we want the best.

Growing together

We learn together and grow together. We are committed to each other, to the team and to our clients.

Our Workshops

Workshop Sharing & Collaboration

This workshop is just right for you if you want to work together efficiently – whether internally or externally.

Workshop Migration Service

With this workshop, we accompany your migration from planning to the joint development of a migration concept.

Workshop On- & Offboarding

Productivity, corporate image and data security are just a few components that are significantly influenced by a company’s onboarding and offboarding process. With this workshop, we accompany this process so that resources can be used optimally.

Workshop Cybersecurity Awareness

We support you in arming your company against threats in the digital environment and warding off cyber risks.

Workshop Identity & Access Management

The workshop shows ways to control who your organisation’s users are (identity component) and what services they can access (access management component).

Workshop Mobile Device Management

If your company wants to take mobile device management or mobile application management to the next level, we will show you your options for efficient solutions in our workshop.

Is your company interested in one of our workshops? Then send us an email or give us a call:

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