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Proactive monitoring

We detect problems before they arise and solve them before our clients even notice them.

Our central proactive monitoring supervises all of our customers' critical systems around the clock.

We identify technical problems, bottlenecks, and possible security risks at an early stage and can take proactive action before such problems affect your business processes. In IT, it's no different than in business life: Those who are surprised by sudden difficulties usually just did not recognise the warning signs in time. Sometimes, however, something really unforeseeable happens. Then our service team is immediately on standby for an emergency call-out - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Regular maintenance of workstation and server systems is an important basis for fail-safe IT. In addition, we monitor the status of all important services proactively and automatically. The central monitoring of your local network enables even more efficient maintenance of your systems. In addition, we can guarantee a very high availability of your systems through automatic monitoring. The continuous monitoring of your servers, firewalls, data lines, backups, anti-virus and system updates etc. allows us to detect dangers at an early stage. We can even recognise developments over a longer period of time and react to them automatically. In our "control centre", all information comes together and is automatically processed for our technicians.

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