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Reliable, fast and without possible interference, the LAN connection offers fast internet

Ethernet or fibre for a reliable internet connection via LAN cable

The LAN (Local Area Network) is a local network with a spatial limitation. Despite this limitation, LANs often encompass the entire network of a building, which can be significant, especially for large companies.
Despite the cable clutter that the LAN connection brings with it, the Internet connection via cable has numerous advantages over the wireless WLAN connection. The speed at which the connection to the internet is established is particularly decisive. While this is consistently fast with a cable connection, the connection via WLAN usually loses performance after only a few metres. The LAN connection is also convincing when it comes to security. The reason for this is the direct connection of two components via cable, which does not allow any interference factors. The connection exists only between the router and the computer, whereas with WLAN numerous other users have access. The more users use a network, the less secure it becomes.
As a specialist for structured cabling, we accompany our customers from network planning to the commissioning of the LAN. The standard solution for this is Ethernet, whereby the data transmission is realised via twisted pair cable (CAT5 or higher) or optically via optical fibres made of glass fibre or plastic.

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